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Name: cloudbreakmd
From: Metro, DC, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 26 years
1983 Suzuki GS 750

Photos: 15
Info: I fell in love the second I saw it. I just purchased a NOS Black/Silver gas tank as well as NOS engine decals, and a brand new dual exhuast, so pictures will change eventually. This model was produced from 1981-1983. The 1983 GS750T (aka GSX750TD) is similar to the normal 750E model although the T model has a drum rear brake and no anti-dive for the front forks. The engine was painted black onl
1981 Honda CM 400

Photos: 5
Info: This is Linda. I bought the bike from a friend of mine who is the original owner. A literal farm find. The bike was in pretty bad cosmetic shape when I picked it up and wasn''t running either... Much love, a lot of money later... March 2007 Update: Parts/Work completed... NOS Oil Cooler, Rear shocks, exhuast, fork seals/fluid, fork ears, front fender, rear fender, grab bar, handlebars, master cylin
1997 Honda Vfr750f

Photos: 2
Info: The last year of the 4th generation VFR750. This bike has been on my list to buy for a long time buy. The V4 power-band is addictive, the bike is comfortable and reliable, and the sound from the gear driven cams? Magical.
1984 Honda VF 1100 (V65 Sabre)

Photos: 8
Info: One of my "Unicorns." 121 hp V-4. I am happy to have had the pleasure to own one of these models. Dubbed "Tron" This bike is scary fast...
1993 Suzuki VX 800

Photos: 10
Info: Another great cult bike... Monster torque. In Europe the design carried on essentially unchanged for nearly a decade. This bike had nearly a full restoration after the first owner neglected it. Professional paint, tires, carburetor rebuilds, battery, fluids, radiator shroud, gas tank replacement, and the very last set (yes the actual last set produced at the factory) of Jardine slash cut exhausts
1994 Yamaha Virago 535

Photos: 6
Info: Good little beginners bike or second bike.
1981 Suzuki GS 850

Photos: 2
Info: The GS850 is rumored to be the most reliable of the GS series. The engine sports a 8 valve head and power is routed to the rear wheel via a shaft drive. This particular one was nicknamed "Industrial" by a friend who was commenting on it´s overall look.
1985 Yamaha XJ 700

Photos: 5
Info: I can simply say that I love this bike. I bought the red one 3 weeks after selling my black one. My friend sitting on the bike, loved it so much, he wouldn´t get off of it long enough for me to take a picture.
1978 Yamaha XS 750

Photos: 13
Info: The bike was red when it started out (it was special alright....). The other pics show the same bike parked next to my friends Yamaha XJ650 Maxim... I had been playing around with it cosmetically and mechanically since I got it. The bike had been repainted Storm Gray, superbike bars had been added as well as new chrome logos and Yamaha XS650 shocks to lower the rear by two inches, new petcocks wer
1983 Yamaha Virago 500

Photos: 3
Info: Odd little bike that was only made for 1 year. Clutch system and a few other parts are interchangeable with the XV535.
1978 Kawasaki KZ 200

Photos: 2
Info: My very first motorcycle. I got it when I was 12 and sold it when I was 26. Obviously I had neglected her too long and it was time to let go. I sold her cheap to a 70´s bike buff (and pray he won´t blow it up) with a bunch of parts I bought to restore it (including a "like new" seat).
1981 Honda CX500

Photos: 5
Info: Owning a Moto Guzzi without actually owning one. Engine´s on these bike are good well over 150,000 miles.
1983 Yamaha Virago XV750

Photos: 5
Info: Midnight Virago. Came out of factory in all black and gold trim. Yuck... Even the original exhuast is black, but the ones on this bike were replaced with ones from a "normal" XV750. And yes, those are horns off of a Buick. They were on the bike under a white touring fairing that was removed. Definition of virago: A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage; a woman who has t
1979 Yamaha XS 750

Photos: 1
Info: A few years ago I had bought the red 1978 Standard edition and got a 1979 XS750 Special parts bike (not pictured) with it for $150.00. Weird three-cylinder engine, and very heavy bike. I liked the big serious look of it. I never had a chance to hear either one of the pair run before I had to get rid of them...
1985 Honda VF 500 (V30 Magna)

Photos: 4
Info: Just an innocent little power cruiser... Liquid-cooled V4 backed by 6 speed gearbox. Same engine as the Honda VF500R Interceptor... More info at and also
1999 Suzuki GS 500

Photos: 1
Info: Another good little generic bike.
1981 Honda CB 750

Photos: 6
Info: What is it with me and two-tone bikes? Classic Honda Inline 4 cylinder. Very reliable and comfortable to boot.
1991 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 18
Info: I was in love... I had been looking for a CBR600F2 for several years... And then I found Lucy. Honda puts it best... "When Honda´s 600 Hurricane debuted in 1987, it was a revelation. Not only was it the quickest and most powerful middleweight ever made, but it also perfectly satisfied the disparate needs of street riders and racers alike, with a finesse no other sportbike had ever achieved be
1977 Suzuki GS 550

Photos: 2
Info: Bullet proof motor just like the other GS series bikes. In the UK these bikes are modified to displacements of 748cc. There is a lot of reserve built into a stock engine block.
1999 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 5
Info: Tipping the scales at 396.8 pounds (dry) and making 130 horsepower (67.85 ft/lbs of torque), this bike is very quick and agile. Significant upgrades in style, performance and handling over the earlier 900RR series Hondas. Performance figures taken from Cycle World (6/98) include a 1/4 time of 10.54 @ 131.95mph, and a top speed of 161.4 mph. More than enough power to keep up with most if not all b
1978 Honda CB 400

Photos: 12
Info: I saved this bike from the scrapyard. It was complete when I got it (although half the engine was in a milk crate and other parts were boxes as well). But she went through a speedy recovery.
2003 Kawasaki GPX 250 / Ninja 250

Photos: 3
Info: High revving puddle jumper. It was definitely fun riding through twisties. I would own another one (I have had 4 of them now). Like the custom front flush mounts? I made them. And for all those naysayers that say this bike is no fun... Who are you trying to impress?
1984 Kawasaki 750 Turbo

Photos: 8
Info: Only made for two years as a factory Turbo. Kawasaki also armed this bike with Digital Fuel Injection straight out of the factory. This machine is mean. Even nearly a quarter of a century later... When the boost hits, time stops. Only 2500 of these machines were sold in the states. This is an unmolested rare original with the exception of the period correct Yoshimura mufflers with ceramic coated p
2000 Kawasaki ZRX 1100

Photos: 3
Info: This was my happy medium. Old bike looks with newer technology. Enough power to keep up with the sportbikes, and a seating position that my back can live with. This bike was like a Swiss Army knife.
2005 Honda CBR 600 RR

Photos: 2
Info: I bought this bike because it was gorgeous (and I managed to buy it at wholesale cost from a girl who was selling it to a dealership for the same money). But truth be told, it was a little small for my height and incredibly uncomfortable. The engine winds up incredibly fast but lacks that feeling of torque thrust I love from other bikes I have ridden. Lot''s of tasteful mods came on this bike w

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