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Member: col450
Name: Colin Bayman
From: Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 54 years old
Riding For: 39 years
Member Info: I have only just got back onto dirt bikes a couple of years ago. My brothers and I were feeling a little bored on weekends since our kids grew up so we decided to get some real cheap dirt bikes to go for a little play in the local bush on a Saturday arvo. That didn´t last long. I recently bought a new 03 WR 450 f and now ride all the time, including racing enduros, pony expresses, adventure rallys and shortly my fist natural terrain.. Check this out if you´r interested in what we get up to, including message board, rider profiles, day rides etc - Leave me a message at the website and say hello. You can use any password. September 19 2004 - Capel Ralley - 2 km´s from the finish I misjudge a log. come down hard and break my neck, wrist and collar bone. The doc says it will be 6 - 12 months before I ride agai. It has now been 6 weeks and I have lost my arm cast and the solid neck brace has been swapped for a soft collar. Doc says everything is looking good. Remember guys- you don´t have to be going fast to do a lot of damage. I was in first gear.
2003 Yamaha WR450

Photos: 8
Info: This bike is magic. Its fast, safe to ride and doesn´t fatigue me. I´ve got most extras on it including a 5 litre bum tank and a Z/clutch. Turns my 450 into an auto. The unit is from Rekluse in the states and works a treat. Email me if you want some info. Years ago I rode dirt bikes that started from a DT175 then a yz125,TS 400, XLX250, IT 250,IT 465, XR600, XR250 as well as a good variety of roa
1994 Honda XR 250

Photos: 0
Info: What a great old bike. It just kept on going. Anyone looking for a cheap reliable machine should throw a leg over a XR.
2001 Yamaha YZ 250F

Photos: 0
Info: What can I say- These are great machines. Fast and light. I only traded up because I wanted the magic button and I faster top end for long distance stuff. I would swap back to it any day to ride around a tight 40 k enduro loop. I´m not looking forward to riding the tight stuff on the new 450.
2006 Yamaha WR 450F

Photos: 0
2001 Suzuki DR 250

Photos: 1
Info: The XR was getting a little long in the tooth and I wanted a bike with a magic button. Too bad the rest of the bike wasn´t magic.
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