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Member: conrod53
Name: conrod53
From: Caringbah, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 63 years old
Riding For: 8 years
Member Info: Mid life crises bikie, always wanted to do it but took a long time to get around to it.
1986 Harley Davidson FLSTC

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2013
1997 Honda CB 250

Photos: 4
Sold: May 2008
Info: This was my first bike, originally red spray can paint job.
1981 Yamaha XJ 650

Photos: 10
Purchased: May 2008
Sold: Nov 2008
Info: This was my third bike, purchased running but with warped head and blown head gasket
2006 Suzuki GS 500

Photos: 3
Sold: Sep 2008
Info: This is my second bike
1998 Kawasaki ZX-7R

Photos: 6
Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: 4th bike, purchased without rego and with heaps of cosmetic damage. But mechanically perfect. into mates panel shop monday morning, rode out thursday afternoon painted
1971 Yamaha XS 650

Photos: 11
Purchased: Dec 2008
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: 1971 frame with 1973 engine purchase from Gosford NSW Saturday 13th Dec. Needs abit of work
1985 Suzuki Intruder 750

Photos: 10
Purchased: Apr 2009
Sold: Jun 2010
Info: Imported from America to Queensland in 2003, then down to Nowra in NSW 2007 then to me 2009
1980 Suzuki GS 250

Photos: 5
Sold: Sep 2009
Info: Brought it off Ebay, the owner said it hasnt gone for 12 months or so and he didnt know why,,,heres hoping its something simple. Going to Cafe race it,,,,or maybe a bobber???? Any suggestions??? SOLD TO WRTCUSTOM, SEPT 2009,,, I JUST RAN OUT OF SPARE TIME,,,GOOD LUCK CHRIS
1980 Yamaha SR 250

Photos: 13
Purchased: Oct 2009
Sold: Oct 2009
Info: Yes i know I said I didnt have any free time when I sold the GS250,,,,but I lasted a few weeks and she looked soooo pretty. OK did her up for the kids to do "L" plates on,,,but they didnt think "old school" is cool so she had to go. Angelo brought her, a nice young fella who wanted a cafe racer.
1991 Harley Davidson XLH 1200

Photos: 7
Purchased: May 2010
Sold: Feb 2011
Info: December 2010 and just back from a return trip to Bribie Island,,,she purred like a kitten all the way up and back
1987 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 13
Purchased: Oct 2010
Sold: Nov 2010
Info: Picked her up off ebay. 200k away, but a nice run up in the car with the wife, and a hoot belting back along the country roads and highway. Bum only started to go numb after 170 or so ks.
1987 Yamaha SR 400

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jan 2011
Sold: Jul 2012
Info: SR400 off ebay, thinking of Bratstyle, anyway something thats easier to go shopping and sneek around the traffic at the lights to the Harley.
1975 Yamaha XS 650

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jan 2012
Sold: May 2012
2009 Harley Davidson XL 883 Custom

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2012
Sold: Nov 2013
1981 Honda CB 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Feb 2013
Sold: Apr 2013
Info: Needed a new project to keep me busy. Searched ebay and this popped up, rode her back from Richmond and had a great time along the freeway,,,flat out down over the tank at 110kph, a real hoot, different from the Harley you really have to get stuck in not just sit back and cruise. Stripped her back to bare, primed and base coat gloss black then two pack clear with silver pearl with red/orange frea
1983 Honda XLX 250

Photos: 4
Sold: Jun 2013
1990 Honda VFR 750

Photos: 8
Purchased: May 2010
Sold: Jul 2010
Info: My mate dropped his bike and she has been in the garage for a few years. So I stripped her down filled and sanded body. That was the easy part, the carbies were flooding, ever tried to get the carbies off one????. Bloody hard had to use a bit of pipe as a crowbar, but once off cleaned float bowls of crap and she started and ran straight away. Reupholsterred the seat Paint next month Well it to
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My son playing Friday 3rd Oct
Length: 17 seconds
Views: 689
Evening 27th Jan,,,borrowed battery from kwakasaki and connected to ignition, fuel from lawnmower tank on bench as I havnt fitted a fuel tap yet,,,couple of kicks and she was off,,still needs carby tu...
Bike: 1971 Yamaha XS 650
Length: 30 seconds
Views: 713
Out first outing,,,roll down driveway turn around , start and ride back up Feb 25th 2009
Bike: 1971 Yamaha XS 650
Length: 72 seconds
Views: 746
Finally after much fault finding,,,rebuilt two sets of carbies into one good set, all else on bike was spot on, timing tappets etc, was carbies all along
Bike: 1980 Suzuki GS 250
Length: 24 seconds
Views: 670
Monday afternoon 26th October
Bike: 1980 Yamaha SR 250
Length: 87 seconds
Views: 578
It seemed like a good idea at the time to buy some cheap gold pearl off ebay. Then I had to use it on something,,,my helmet looked a bit daggy so I rubbed it back, painted black airbrushed the flames ...
Bike: 1991 Harley Davidson XLH 1200
Length: 18 seconds
Views: 659
Heres the baby out back, thought Id do a video just for kicks
Bike: 1991 Harley Davidson XLH 1200
Length: 41 seconds
Views: 770
SHE LIVES!!!!! was getting worried, couldn''t only get a back fire or two out.
But remembered I had a can of "Start ya Bastard", whip off the air filter, a quick squirt down her throat a kic...
Bike: 1987 Yamaha SR 400
Length: 22 seconds
Views: 647
Playing around in my workshop and made a clip to hold my camera to my riding jacket, its a still camera with video option so not high quality, but went for a spin down the coast to Wollongong and back...
Bike: 1987 Yamaha SR 400
Length: 108 seconds
Views: 604
My son decided to go for a spin around the block, he hasnt been on a bike for ages
Bike: 1987 Yamaha SR 400
Length: 24 seconds
Views: 626
Start and idle
Bike: 1975 Yamaha XS 650
Length: 40 seconds
Views: 446
OK cold start, hand on exhaust to prove it,,,easy kick ovwer and no smoke whatso ever
Bike: 1981 Honda CB 250
Length: 28 seconds
Views: 401

Bike: 1983 Honda XLX 250
Length: 17 seconds
Views: 541

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