conrod53's 1980 Suzuki GS 250
Info: at home 7th June 2009, not sure if I will rebirth here as a cafe racer or a bobber. The previous owner said it stopped working 12 months ago. Going to find out why
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Info: sunday afternoon after removing seat and tank,,,now to find out why it doesnt run
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Info: Friday 10th July evening, note smaller rear tail light, off a Suzuki 400 I think
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Info: July 10 Friday night carbies on with aircleaners in place, old sheet covers up distracting background
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Info: August 6th 2009, sprayed tank and tail with el cheapo ebay spraygun,,looks OK if you've had a few beers and dont get too close, but is getting there.
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Sold: Sep 2009
Information: Brought it off Ebay, the owner said it hasnt gone for 12 months or so and he didnt know why,,,heres hoping its something simple. Going to Cafe race it,,,,or maybe a bobber???? Any suggestions??? SOLD TO WRTCUSTOM, SEPT 2009,,, I JUST RAN OUT OF SPARE TIME,,,GOOD LUCK CHRIS

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