cosmicbandito's 1993 Honda VFR 750

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Purchased: Mar 2004
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Information: I know its a streetfighter and Ive never crashed one to make one ... I just like em this way, okay? :-) This wee beauty is my attempt at fitting a half decent sports bike with a forgiving side to the dwarf wife (or "small pilot" as the local dealership politely puts it) whos 5 on a big hair day. Salvage title, cheap, lower, lighter, smoother (under fairing these things are dog ugly!), shorter ... that was the basic brief. The front fairing will go once I know everything is safe and reliable and just a tiny white faced speedo (and 4 foot hacked out of the damn wiring harness) will smooth the front out. The rear subframe will be covered in a 1-piece ally diamond-plate sheet and theres a rack/pillion seat base that slots into the back for those less rapid rides. Oh and because it´s the wifes, the colour scheme will be up to her. The concept of "looking like a Snow Leopard" means it should look ... well, interesting. Although I´m drawing the line at attaching whiskers to the nose fairing. All this for less than $1500! :-) Ill let you know how it turns out...

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