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Member: cr500neverdies
Name: ilja hermann
From: San Jose, California, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 30 years
Member Info: Physicist by background and passion; Sr. Scientist by occupation, but in the fast pace Silicon Valley industry I spend most time Managing Engineering and strategic R&D for Nano-mechanical testing products. ....Motorcycles/Motocross: Became one of my biggest passions since I have built my first "motorcycle-type vehicle" at age of 11. First MX Race @ 13 yrs old. At 15 I traded my 86 KTM 80 Motocrosser for a 1981 Honda CR 450R. Never regret the latter, and 20yrs down the road I still race exclusively CR 500, KX 500 and CR 480 on Motocross tracks - and with only a few exceptions every weekend. A few yrs ago a started my ambitious 500-evo restoration project, and by now the collection includes 81 CR 450R, 82, 2x83 CR 480, 84, 85, 2x86, 88, 90, 96, 01 CR 500, a 84-500Hybrid bike and a 90 KX 500.
2001 Honda CR 500

Photos: 16
Purchased: Jun 2006
Info: That''s my first 500 in California. It was mostly stock, terrible to ride. Got some major tune-up now, and the old days are back....
1981 Honda CR 450

Photos: 41
Purchased: Mar 1990
Info: Now the the awesome track bike has an other awesome beauty reference.... The first of two CR450''s I have been collecting parts for has been assembled between X-mass and NY ''11. This here is not the show quality version (except fenders all original and just cleaned up) and to my surprize (compared to the one 20yrs ago also shown here) starting first kick , corners well and I haven''t had a sin
1991 Honda CR 500

Photos: 3
1999 Honda CR 500

Photos: 9
1996 Honda CR 500E

Photos: 8
1993 Honda CR 500

Photos: 10
Purchased: Nov 2007
Info: Great workhorse. 2nd 500 in CA
1986 Honda CR 500

Photos: 18
Info: The 3rd 500 in CA. 99% Stock. Beautiful, Very strong, Needs some more tuning, though instant fun as-is. Another one is being built now...
1987 Honda CR 500

Photos: 6
1984 Honda CR 500

Photos: 45
Info: Was about restoring the 84 back to factory, and after the Power plant was fully rebuilt, the temptation to implant into a late 500 model Kayaba chassis did not let go. This hybrid here was born. Pix taken after the first test rides on a local MX track. Still needs some dialing in, but feels very handy and the air cooled engine runs fantastic. ...60 riding hours later: STILL ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BIKE!
1990 Kawasaki KX 500

Photos: 4
Info: Nice ride, but overall low quality, and no fun at all to work on it.
1996 Honda CR 500

Photos: 30
Purchased: Sep 1998
Sold: Dec 2007
Info: Re-built this bike from scratch by myself - inside and out. re-worked Cylinder, lightweight piston, mod. crank, custom clutch, Reworked stock suspension, later Oehlins rear. Very rideable. The best 500 I had before leaving Germany.
1980 Simson S 51

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 1987
Sold: Jan 1994
Info: My first MX bike for "stock" 50 cc class end 80''s.... Based on a Simson S51 (Made in the German Democratic Republic.... and - nowadays still one of the most popular moped in many places in Germany). However, the S51 here was stripped to pieces and got more travel at the front end, replaced twin shocks (front shocks from MZ ES 125), modified brakes, Custom tank, seat, and the engine was
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