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Member: crhondo
Name: DG
From: belleville/Madoc, ontario, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com
Member Info: ive always wanted a dirtbike but mom dad wouldnt buy one for me...first bike was an 85 xr 200R and after that i bought a CR250R and ive put 2 g''s in it so far so i guess im gonna keep it forever! ive only been riding for 3 summers 1 was with the xr and 2 with the CR, i can catwalk forever! i hit jumps every day and pull off crazy tricks, i dont have a down fall tho so its hard on me and the bike....well anyways let me know if u have this bike cause id wanna chat it up figure out what u had to do to it and stuff, [email protected]
1997 Honda CR 250

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