cz513's 1986 Suzuki RM 250

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Information: GENERAL INFO: I gambled buying this bike... it was totally wrecked, clutch didnt work, heavy vibration as a result of shot main bearings. linkage bearings where shot... pretty much all the bearings where shot:-( but it was an oportunity to refresh my rebuilding skills. 2 months and $1200 later it still looks rough on the outside, but mechanically the bike is brand new. This is whats been done on it, -Complete Top and bottom end rebuild -new filter (obviousely) -ALL bearings and seals within the motor (seriously) -new clutch plates/shims/inner hub/pressure plate -new wheel bearings front and back -new linkage and shock bearings -new handlebars -new cables, controlls, gearshift lever and grips -new UFO rear fender -new chain and sprockets. -carb rebuild there are still some parts i need to replace, kick start lever, silencer. but they are outrageously over priced, im trying to find some used ones. other than that, i still plan to invest in some new tires... aside from that, the bike is running "fairly" well... MOTOR: it lacks the low end that other bikes of this vintage have, but it revs into a strong top end. in the mid to high range throttle response is crisp... Mechanically some of the parts and materials used could have been of better design, especially the threads in the magnesium cases! they strip easily :-( HANDLING: It handles surprisingly well for its age, especially when turning! it simply sticks!!! the shocks are too soft though, especially the front forks... in the air it behaves as it should... Brakes are not verry effective but still do the job when needed Straight line stability seems to require good form and body placement. CONCLUSION: well weŽll see what this bike will bring, so far, i cant say im satisfied with it, because of all the money and time ive put into it. regardless the bike runs fairly well now, but more work needs to be done. i believe that some of my opinions will change as the bike gets better...

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