cz513's 1994 Yamaha YZ 250

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Information: Year: 94 Model: YZ 250 Mods: pretty much stock (technically) OPINION... Motor: the motor has a strong bottom which meshes into a rather mellow mid, past this is a strong top which pulls hard as it revs to the moon ;-) Power is verry controllable... Handling: not the best ive ridden but by no means the worst, i found that riding in dry or sandy tracks tended to wash out the front end in flat turns more so than i would have expected, a more forward body placement (awkward ergonomically)cured this though. Straight line stability is good as long as the weight is on the back wheel and your on the gas. In the air the bike is tame and controllable, suspension characteristics will differ between each rider... Braking is fairly precise and effective Overall im verry happy with the bike, its verry controllable (i dont fall as much) for the vintage it is an excellent bike...

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