czuki's 1986 Suzuki RM 125
Info: Engine completed RHS
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Info: Engine completed LHS
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Info: RM125 1986 G
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Info: 99% ready.
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Info: Finished. Test ride next, then fairing, paint and metal electroplating 17/2/13.
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Purchased: Mar 2007
Sold: n/a
Information: The bike: Suzuki RM125 1986 G. Water cooling & single rear shocker (full floater) first appeared on the RM125 with the 1981X. Bore/Stroke; 54mm by 54mm. Power; [email protected] (as claimed by Suzuki in the original brochure. Measured at the crankshaft). Weight dry; 88kg. Carburettor: Mikuni flat slide 34mm. Transmission; six speed wet clutch. Primary drive 19t/60t. Final Drive 13T by 50T, 520 chain (5/8 by 1/4). Brakes: front disc (first seen on the 1985 F) & rear drum. The G was the first with a power valve. It was a rotary drum type with a large cutaway that allowed access to a resonance chamber in the head in front of the spark plug. This chamber (or lump I call it) can be seen in the engine photos and is quite prominent. Itís the give away for an 86 G. The G looks almost identical to the 87H (dead same side-cover/radiator panels. Same tank and swinging arm) but the 87 H had the more modern two prong power valve so didnít need the lump. The 86G & 87H also had the same rear drum brake but the 88J went to rear disc brake. The 86G had a very simple yoke that connected the bottom of the rear shocker to the frame (another 86G give away). It was also the last model with a peculiar intake port design (first introduced on the 76A) that hid the reed valve at the bottom of the cylinder. The 87H went to a big six petal reed valve housed more conventionally in front of the carburettor. The 89J went to direct crankcase induction via a reed valve. Engine wise the 86G shares little with the 85F and the 87H. (different gearbox, crankcases, cylinder, head etc). The entire rear section of an 87H - swinging arm, shocker, linkages & wheel can can be installed onto an 86G chassis .

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