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Member: darkaeons
Name: Darkaeons
From: St Etienne, Loire, France
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Homepage: http://www.360jours.fr
2012 Yamaha FZ 8N

Photos: 12
Purchased: Sep 2012
2015 Kawasaki J300

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2015
2001 MZ RT 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2003
Sold: Mar 2004
Info: My first 125cc, a very nice little bike, with punchy engine.
2003 Kawasaki ZR 7

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2005
Sold: Oct 2007
Info: My first "real bike". Very nice engine, easy and fun. Comfort was not its best.
2003 Honda XLV 125 Varadero

Photos: 4
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: Dec 2005
Info: My 2nd 125cc : great quality, complete equipment (fuel jauge, under seat space), comfort and top-speed. But soooo boring ! I sold it after one year, for a bigger one
2001 Yamaha DT 50

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2001
Sold: Feb 2002
Info: My first motorbike. It was stolen 10 months after i bought it...
1980 Yamaha XS 850

Photos: 8
Purchased: Feb 2006
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: I bought it at a scrapyard in order to practice mecanic. It''s one of the 150 units sold in France.
1997 Kawasaki ZZR 600 / ZX6

Photos: 15
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: Jul 2011
Info: Very nice bike i''ve ride during 3 years. Comfortable, exciting engine, reliable (zero issue during this time). But at 14 years old and 70 000kms, i had to move on :-)
1975 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Apr 2009
Sold: Dec 2009
Info: Wanted to restore it, but i quickly gave up because of lack of time and will. I still regret i''ve sold it, love this little off-road
2006 Suzuki Burgman 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2008
Sold: Sep 2009
Info: My comuter during almost a year. Very nice ride, comfortable, easy and a lot of space under the seat. Fiability is not Suzuki''s best asset though...
1998 Honda SLR 650

Photos: 7
Purchased: Oct 2009
Sold: Dec 2009
Info: Even if i sold it very quickly (1 month) it was quite fun to ride, and to try offroad ! The mono is punchy, despite only 47cv, and the quality is... Honda !
2008 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

Photos: 22
Purchased: Jul 2011
Sold: Aug 2012
Info: My first Yamaha. After the ZZR, the position is true happiness. But the lack of torque and the awful noise never really suit me. After one year and 15 000km, i sold it for the FZ8
2008 Honda Lead 110

Photos: 7
Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Dec 2008
Info: Very fun little scooter, punchy, and sober. Its size is an issue as other users think you''re a 50cc and HAVE to overtake you, always. Goes up to 90km/H though
2009 Suzuki Burgman 125

Photos: 11
Purchased: Feb 2012
Sold: Jun 2015
Info: My daily ride. A lot better than the older version, a lot more reliable thanks to injection (!), great capacity of loading, cheap to use : great !
2009 Suzuki GSR 600

Photos: 6
Info: Test Bike
2012 Suzuki SFV 650

Photos: 4
Info: Test Bike

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