dasas's 1994 Yamaha YZF 750
Info: flat front end modified to be more rounded
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Info: Bike finished!

- Original graphics covered with decal vinyl.
- rear shock raised 1cm with spacer at top mount.
- rear fairing tilted up slightly at the back end.
- front forks dropped through 6m...
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Info: Wheels Resprayed satin black from original purple. 
Polished rear sprocket and new slotted discs.
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Info: Bike finished, bike was in really good condition when I got it, apart from sitting for so long, so I didnt want to do anything that wasnt reversable.

Original graphics are under the grey vinyl so i...
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Info: First test ride after I got it going.
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Info: While repairing the bike I was looking at streetfightering it but decided I didnt want to cut the sub frame up.
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Info: removing head, for top end rebuild
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Info: removing head
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Info: head out
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Info: removing springs
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Info: removing and storing valves in order
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Info: rubber slipped over valve to protect it while cleaning
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Info: valve placed in drill with rubber placed over it to protect it
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Info: build up carefully removed with large blade while vale spins in drill strapped to bench (not pictured)

Then hard lip removed from warn mating surface with stone while valve spins in drill
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Info: Before any work, head showing large ridges and sharp angles around inlets and outlets. 
valve relief needed
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Info: bright spots show where work begins, removing ridges in the alloy around the valve seats, work until there is a smooth transition and smooth path for air.
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Info: continue to work around opening up the path for the air, never touching the steel valve seat just the alloy. Lower compression is a side affect of relieving the valves, every bit of alloy that is remo...
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Info: Continuing, the ridges are gone, now just smoothing out the angles.
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Info: valve relief finished
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Info: removing a small ridge on the inlet port, and smooth the bottom of the valve seats (inside the port, not shown) thats all, nothing else on the inlet ports for this model. Enlarging the ports on this m...
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Info: General smoothing then polish of the outlet ports
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Info: lapping the valves
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Info: head work finished and back from being shaved
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