db75xl100's 1980 Honda XL 500

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Info: This 1980 Honda XL500S had a broken kickstarter shaft when I bought it.  To fix it, I pulled off the right hand crankcase cover and welded on a 3 inch long piece of 3/4inch hardened steel bar.  Then I...
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Info: The swing arm and rear shocks on this bike are from a 1981 Honda XL500.  And I think that the front forks and fender are from a 1980 Honda XR500 since they are almost 2" longer than stock XL500 f...
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Info: I have the front and back fenders and the plastic side cover painted Helios Red now.  With the fuel tank to follow.  I will also recover the seat shortly.  This last week I finally got both front and ...
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Info: I finally have the fuel tank painted.  Now I just have to recover the seat.
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Info: Here is the other side with the freshly painted fuel tank!
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Info: Here I am just cresting a grassy hill that is steeper than 45 degrees with my repainted XL500S!  I have to really hang on to this bike when climbing as it will pull strongly up almost any hill just ab...
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Info: Here is a better picture after I sewed up a new seat cover.  I all ready have a lot of miles on this thumper.
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Info: The snow is finally gone enough in places to pull some wheelies!  I have installed XR500 shocks so this is now an XR with a XL headlight.
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Info: Here is another picture of the same wheelie as I rode past the camera!
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Purchased: Oct 2006
Sold: n/a
Information: Very nice and reliable bike. Superb fuel economy. Custom exhaust, 81 XL500S box section swing arm.

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