db75xl100's 1986 Honda CR 125
Info: I just picked this bike up for a good price.  It is seized up, and missing many things like the ATAC exhaust manifold!  It also has a 1987 CR125 engine installed.  I hope I can get it running!
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Info: The previous owner used water instead of antifreeze in this bike.  It ate right through the clutch cover so the water and oil mixed.  I scraped off all the deposits and then JB welded the water pump h...
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Info: My seat and rad shrouds arrived off of ebay, now I just need my silencer and rear number plates to show up!  I had a leak in one rad but fixed that with JB Weld.  Can't wait for some dirt to appear!
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Info: Here is my CR with the side # plates and a silencer installed.
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Info: Here it is from the other side.
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Info: I just repainted the PSI pipe and silencer
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Purchased: Jan 2008
Sold: Sep 2011
Information: This bike has a Hot Rods rod kit, Wiseco piston, in 89 CR125 cylinder, Boyesen reeds, and PSI pipe.

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