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Member: derbismrider
Name: Keith Shepherd
From: Teesside - North East, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Riding For: 21 years
Member Info: Started offroad riding at a young age, on a little twist and go 50cc. Soon moved up in life to a TY80 then onto a Suzuki 175. Been riding on the roads since my 16th birthday, a Derbi Senda being the first road legal machine. Since then, I´ve gone through many bikes, as you can see. I frequently update the profile with new pictures as I love to take photo´s. The camera goes where I go. Got sick of bikes going wrong so I bought a brand new FZ6 Fazer which goes like stink. Also own an FZR400 track bike.
1997 Kawasaki ZRX 1100

Photos: 2
2000 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille

Photos: 6
Purchased: Mar 2008
Info: Stunning RSV. Chipped with Renegade high level cans, Gilles rear sets, double bubble screen and crash bungs but otherwise standard. Excessively loud and very fast!
2001 Derbi Senda SM 50

Photos: 6
Purchased: Feb 2003
Sold: May 2004
Info: My first road legal bike. Great fun, plenty of acceleration and lovely to throw about! Has a nice top speed of around 55mph, not bad for a 50cc. Its latest addition is a MetraKit exhaust system.
1981 Suzuki PE 175

Photos: 1
Info: great fun bike, not a great top speed, but it got there instantly! shame i had to sell this bike..
1989 Honda NSR 125

Photos: 5
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: Jul 2004
Info: Excelent handling as its very light. Micron chrome sports pipe to give it that extra kick and lovely sound, and a nice top speed, around 85mph. Pick them up nice and cheap, reccomended for those turning 17.
1989 Yamaha FZR 1000

Photos: 5
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: Totally stock. Big and powerful litre bike which provided miles of smiles!
2000 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 27
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Feb 2005
Info: One of the most amazing machines i´ve rode to date. Outstanding performance and handling, what more can you ask for from a bike? 17 year olds are advised to get this bike!
1990 Honda CG 125

Photos: 11
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: Mar 2005
Info: My winter hack. Ugly as sin but fun as hell! Sold to a friend for £250
1996 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 19
Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: Nov 2005
Info: Gorgeous in every way. Amazing condition for a 9 year old. Fitted with powerbronze hugger, braided hoses and fender extender. Scorpion Stainless Steel can.
2000 Suzuki SV 650

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: My SV with a Carbon Can Co stainless end can. Sounds insane, but gorgeous nonetheless!
1999 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 2005
Info: The fireblade.. Fathers new toy. Stupidly loud with some randomly illegal straight through can and a few other little visual modifications. All round good fun!
1994 Suzuki RGV 250

Photos: 10
Purchased: Jul 2005
Sold: Aug 2005
Info: 2 stroke screamer...
1999 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2005
Sold: Jun 2006
Info: Yet another RS125, this time, its getting the race treatment. Picked it up as a road going RS but after a little while, its now free of stock fairing, lighting etc. Engine rebuild, light tuning and race fairing are planned for the near future. :)
2001 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 8
Purchased: Dec 2005
Sold: Mar 2006
Info: Got sick of 4 strokes so sold the Bandit to buy something a little more fun. A fantastic condition DT125, great to ride but a little slow right now. YPVS needs playing with..
1989 Yamaha FZR 400

Photos: 9
Sold: Aug 2007
Info: FZR400 Track tool. Kitted out with Yamaha Kit pipe, revalved forks, Racetec shock, big bore pistons and high lift cams. I say kitted out, as you can see from the pictures, its under going an engine transplant after a major engine failure.
2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

Photos: 2
Purchased: Nov 2006
Sold: May 2008
1987 Yamaha FZR 400 EXUP

Photos: 5
Purchased: May 2007
Sold: Sep 2007
Info: FZR400 RSP! Rare and quick!
1985 Kawasaki KX 500

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2007
Sold: May 2008
Info: KX500 B1, pre powervalve model. Awesome bike!
2001 Kawasaki ER5

Photos: 6
2004 Derbi Senda X-Treme R 50

Photos: 3
Info: Derbi Senda X-Treme R Metrakit Cast Iron 70cc, Metrakit Thrower, Metrakit 21mm Carb, Metrakit Foam Air filter, Acerbis Diamond Headlight, Acerbis Supermoto Mudgaurd, Acerbis LED Tail Light, 13 - 53 Sprockets, Top Speed ~72mph

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