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Member: dirtbiker84
Name: Brad
From: PA, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 31 years old
Riding For: 19 years
2002 Yamaha YZ 250F

Photos: 6
Info: had this bike since new, added a whitebrothers exhaust. power now intake, arrowflex bars,and ONE grafics. this bike is great. good power.
1982 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 8
Info: i have had this bike for a few years. i havnt had any major problims at all. it just dripped coolant. soo i went to the hardwhere store and bought some clear plastic tubing.and i rerouted the coolant. it used to run through the steering stem of the frame.(what a nice idea....) now it dosnt leak, and you can watch the coolant flow when you hit the gas.
2000 Yamaha TTR 225

Photos: 8
Info: i have had this bike since new, man what a disappointment... its heavy, and the power sucks too.. i went a tooth lower on the front sprocket, added a uni filter, pulled the snorkel, and i uncorked the exhaust. i got a BBR ttr125 exhaust tip. now i am happy with the bike. its got alot more torque. if i would have to do all over i would have got a xr250 or ttr250
1989 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 3
Info: i have had this bike for awile. it is bored to the max.. and has some major balls..
1984 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 9
Info: this bike was a real peace of crap. the only reason i took on this project was, when i opened up the motor. it was a fresh rebuild. with 0 run time. but the idiot that had it last tried to seal the head with liquid gaskit.... the motor was the only good thing on it. the magneto wasnt bolted down and spun freely.. this bike needed alot. had the wrong shock on the rear, swing arm was trashed, missin
1990 Yamaha RT 100

Photos: 4
Info: a f*ckaround bike. got it cheap , and it was trashed. i fixed it up and it ran great little bike. blew the topend. will hold off on fixing it.
2000 Suzuki Q. Runner 250

Photos: 2
2011 Yamaha WR 250

Photos: 6
Info: WR250R
1991 Yamaha TW 200

Photos: 4
1980 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 7
Info: i bought this bike off ebay. it has a new top end. it isnt in that bad of shape, for its age. the timing was off, and it had too hot of a plug in. it runs great now.but could use a new chain a sprocket.i sanded it down and repainted it (that silver exhaust just looked lame). i also restored the plastic. it was a fun project, and didnt take much time at all.
1998 Yamaha RT 180

Photos: 3
Info: restored it and sold it
1980 Suzuki GS 550 LD

Photos: 1
1981 Yamaha 650 twin

Photos: 1

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