djchiri's 1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750
Info: i was going to repaint it in pearl blue but decided to restore it to stock colors.
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Info: these are pics of my 93 GSXR 750W when i first bought it used.
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Info: it also had a few dents and scratches but since i got the bike dirt cheap it was a good deal for my first bike.
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Info: as you can see i also need to change or repair the front.  the previous owner chraked it and glued it back togeter to keep riding.
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Info: i'll be doing some custom lights later on but for now i still have it stocked out.
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Info: these are more recent pics of the bike with my boy zig in some of the shots.
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Info: he's been doing some work on it and if you look closely on upcomming pics you may see the changes on the bike.
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Info: the frame, swing arms & wrims are getting pollished
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Info: this is the best pic i have of it so far.
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Info: that's me on the bike but it's a real bad pic.
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Info: my man zig, he works on it part time for fun
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Info: this is a recent pic of my bike
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Information: This Bike is basicly stock rignt now and it''s my first bike so if anyone has any nice ideas about what can be done to it please let me know. i''ll be doing alot of custom work on the bike and i''ll post the pics after every step.

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