Ales ZAVERLA's Member Page
Member: drhusky
Name: Ales ZAVERLA
From: Velenje, Slovenia
Gender: Male
Age: 48 years old
Riding For: 31 years
Member Info: Im the XT fan since 1979 (from the first Paris-Dakar on). My first Yamaha XT was 3TB typ from 1996. I sel it in 1999 and tryed other bykes (among them Husky TE610). I couldt live without XTs so I have bought 1998 model of Yamaha XT again in 2002. In November 2004 I have bought "aditional" XT type 2KF model 1987. So, now I am proud owner of one XT for the road and one for the off-road (pictures of 2KF will be added to soon). Otherwise I do all the maintenance for my bikes myself.
1998 Yamaha XT 600

Photos: 1
Info: Except the RAMIREZ handle bar (it is wider that original one), smaller blinkers and home made INOX exhaust silencer the XT600E is completely original, without any scratch and with 18.000 km on tacho counter (status on DEC. 2004).
1987 Yamaha XT 600

Photos: 1
Info: Engine is running perfectly with 36.000 km. Im preparing it for the off-road riding. I have removed from the XT all necessary equipment: pasanger footpegs, back mirrors, licence plate plastic support from the rear mud guard, blinkers, topcase support. I have mounted on it bigger sprocket (45 instead of 39 teeth) and plastic hand protectors. Just MX tyres and front light protector are missing. Tha

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