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Name: Dave Smartt
From: Caldwell, Idaho, United States
1999 Yamaha YZ 400F

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2010
Info: This is my bike. I am very happy with it. After riding 2 strokes for so long I am glad I bought a 4 stroke. Lots of power. The guy I bought it from purchased it new and rode it a handful of times because he didnt like the starting process. We installed a Hot Cam on it and that solved that issue!
2002 Yamaha TTR 250

Photos: 14
Purchased: Jan 2011
Info: This is Jacks bike. He wanted a 4 stroke and estart. This is a great bike.
1995 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 10
Purchased: May 2004
Sold: Jun 2010
Info: Sam`s old bike. Sold this bike. This was a good bike. Moving on to 4 stroke for Sam.
1980 Honda XL 100

Photos: 7
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: Feb 2011
Info: Sold: The most reliable bike I ever owned. Jack learned on it. Had for 4 yrs. Used as a hunting/camping bike. We will miss it.
2002 Honda CR 125

Photos: 10
Purchased: Aug 2007
Sold: May 2010
Info: Chris`s old bike. Sold it. It served him well but he has outgrown it.
1975 Yamaha DT 175

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Aug 2007
Info: Sam`s old bike. This is a 1975 DT175 #1. I bought both DT`s at the same time. I sold this bike to a gal that was getting into riding. These bikes are cool little enduros.
1976 Yamaha DT 175

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Aug 2007
Info: My extra bike. This is a 1975 (not 1976) DT175 # 2. I bought this one not running and fixed it up along with #1. I sold this one to a guy in Oregon for his daughter to ride. These old enduros are really fun.
2004 Kawasaki KX 100

Photos: 10
Purchased: Nov 2004
Sold: Jan 2011
Info: Jacks old bike. This bike was awesome. Sold it to buy a 4 stroke for Jack.
1999 Honda CR 250

Photos: 6
Purchased: May 2010
Sold: Mar 2012
Info: This is Chris`s bike. I tried to get him to go with a 4 stroke but he is into 2 strokes. He loves his bike. ...........Chris sold his bike.
1997 Honda XR 250

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jul 2010
Info: Sam wanted a 4 stroke trail bike this time. Very clean bulletproof bike. It has good power. He loves his bike. ** Sam sold his bike**
1995 Yamaha WR 250

Photos: 12
Purchased: Apr 2006
Sold: Mar 2010
Info: My old bike. I scaled down the bike to look like a YZ but with the wide range. Faster then a normal YZ. I liked it.. * Blew up the motor. Sold the bike. I will miss it!
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Info: We love riding!
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Sam on his XR.
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Sam on my YZ400F.
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