fednet45's 2001 Suzuki SV 650s
Info: Last Pictures Before i Part-ex'd the Bike for the Ducati,
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Info: The SV Clocks with Carbon look Cover as Standard
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Info: The Black Panels are there because i Dropped it (Twice) in a year.  see bike info..
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Info: Rear Shot.
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Info: nice Rossi logo's to cover the cracks the paint could not cover...
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Info: Good with pillion but the rear shock is too soft in my opinion..
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Information: I bought this Bike New from a local Dealer and had been impressed with its economy whilst cruising, But once you get used to it, it really does guzzle when you wring it''s neck. any way I , I used it every day going to work but it splutters in the wet and the engine braking was the main reason for dropping the bike (Twice). Once on a Well Gritted Rd in Dec 2000 and then again in Jan 2002 on my first day back to work, Icey road and me just shutting off the throttle as a car braked up ahead. I went down Hard that time.. at about 35 to 40 MPH. The prob with the SV is that When it goes down on the left the Gear Lever and Foot Rest Snap and the Fairing indicator punches through the the plastics and on the Right side the same thing with the fairing and the Brake Lever snaps.. So if you drop it on the Right you can still ride but with only the front brake, But if its on the left you need a recovery wagon... thats partly why i chose to chop it in, But if i had the money i would get another one to use around town....

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