fergusdog's 2000 Triumph Adventurer
Info: Mean Adventurer
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Info: An idea is forming
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Info: With original seat on
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Info: Triumph had the tail light looking like a limp dick hanging out ...Was easy to tuck in, looks much better.
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Info: With side cover off, a low profile (get the bitch home) helmet tucks in nicely. A bit hard for her bottom she might say? (she sqwarks she walks)........I say..........
Did'nt like the original horn, ...
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Info: Mmmm...........Nice tail
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Info: Around a diesel lubricated corner, broken collar bone & couple of ribs, busted tacho, (big zip tie & hacksaw sorted that out ) bar into the tank, busted right ammo box, & the usual various other nasti...
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Info: Was going to get the dent fixed, put a marker in my hand & could'nt help myself (The bat bike) A spray with some sticky chain oil to keep that oxidization away......You wont see many of these around.
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