ffne's 1983 Honda ND 50 (Melody)
Info: When i just bought it, it was driving teribel and was paintet whit some house paint.
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Info: the first part i got home from the painter, it is looking really good! 

Før = Before
Efter = After
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Info: one great looking ass! NOT!
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Info: this is how it's standing right now.
the rims are at the painter..
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Info: The engine, the alu will be polished so it's lookin like chrome
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Info: The rim and tyre, real oldschool..
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Purchased: Sep 2006
Sold: n/a
Information: some information about the bike Engine: two stroke honda deluxe engine. Just been reparied for the bearings and cylinder. Tyres: Two continental k62 white wall tire Styling: I''m going to hold it in a classic vespa look alike scooter. it''s going to be gloss black whit some chrom on the engine and green cubber color on the rims. Notice: It''s a renovation project, so it''s going to be updated when the parts for it, are home.

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