fiddy5's 2008 Kawasaki Z 750
Info: The Z before mods.
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Info: Just added a new IXIL exhaust and i painted it flat black along with the stock heel guards. Also added billet black rear spools.
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Info: Close up of exhaust and rear spool.
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Info: I custom painted the front cowl with black blend inside the vents and also black blend from the gauge down with white pinline. Also painted forks flat black.
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Info: Added ABM billet black grips and also bar end mirror mounts in black...ready for some custom mirrors.
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Info: Custom fitted these blue LED lights...super hard to fit but well worth the hassle. Picture dosen't really do them justice as they are really electric blue on the bike a really cool SCI FI look.
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Info: Added these angel eyes to the bike and what a nightmare it was taking the headlight surround apart...but 5 hours later and this is the result...really cool. I added a separate switch so they can be tu...
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Info: Just another pic of the angel eyes. I also drilled some small holes in the fairing to give the front a mask kind of look by adding a small LED light to the same switch as the angel eyes.
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