fieldyonline's 2002 Yamaha Aerox 50

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Purchased: Jun 2005
Sold: Feb 2006
Information: --------------------------- UPDATE 18th February 2006 --------------------------- The Aerox is sold, got an offer too good to refuse for the scooter. The Aerox is great but I am just a little too tall for me to ride, nothing is worse trying to do a tight turn and the handlebars smacking my knees. At least its staying in the family. Time to get serious about riding. I got a second-hand Aerox 50 from the local Yamaha dealer. I choose a scooter first to get used to riding and also as a cheap commute to work and since a car license is only needed in South Aust, that was an added incentive. The long term plan is to get my bike license, but if I don´t want to move on (or get bored with them) or the laws here change allowing larger capacity scooter to be ridden on a car license (however very, very unlikely) then I am not complaining. Its not like they are going to run out of bikes!!! For now this scooter is plently fast enough. I would like the get some LED brake lights for the back in the long term and also have a custom vinyl made up to cover up where the previous owner dropped brake fluid on the fairing (second hand, you get what you paid for), but there´s no rush.

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