firebolt's 1985 Honda VTR 1000
Info: This is me on my new VF1000R.  We washed and waxed that puppy till we could see our reflections in it.
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Info: My first burnie on my new bike. Oh the memories.
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Info: Setting up for a wheelie.
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Info: First wheelie on this bike.  Not bad for starting off.
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Info: Stand up wheelie
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Info: Pic snapped on the way up on a wheelie
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Info: PHAT parkin lot wheelie
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Info: As the coppers would say: "operating a motorcycle on one wheel is a crime"
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Info: Coming around in the parking lot with some extreme lean
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Info: HARD lean, almost scraping my faring.  That's pretty far leaned over for being at parking lot speeds.
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Info: I am super pissed this pic didn't turn out.  The picture is SUPPOSED to show that my odometer read 12,345.6 miles.  What a fuckin shame.
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Info: This is what the ī85 VF1000R INTERCEPTOR looked like back in itīs day.  As you can see, mine had had some modifications.  For starters, the new paint job takes that whole 80īs look away, and makes it ...
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Photos: 12
Purchased: Jul 2002
Sold: n/a
Information: This is my ex lady, the yellow beast. Althtough I donīt ride her much anymore, she has been good to me. Itīs an original 1985 Honda VF1000R INTERCEPTOR in all its glory. I bought the bike with 11,000 miles on it and it was in perfect condition. My friend Matt and I made some modifications to it, and you can find out exactly what we did to it if you read the caption on the pic of the original bike.

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