flyingfinn's 2000 Suzuki RM 125
Info: My  "2000 Suzuki RM-125Y".  Pic was taken on March 30, 2010,... The day I purchased/brought it home.  I'm doing a total teardown and rebuild on it, [not too bad of a bike for $1700 can. fund...
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Info: Just finished repainting my "Bills pipe".
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Info: May 26, 2010, the new rear tire, [Dunlop Sports D-756], mounted onto the Gold Excel rim...[low profile tire..110/90-19 was a real tight bi*** to put on!]
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Info: Getting ready to swap out the old front sprocket for a new Sunstar 12T.  Rebuilding/adjusting the exhaust power valve next, [1-1/4 turns clockwise from no tension].
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Info: May 26, 2010; Now that the new tire's been mounted, spokes have been redone,...the new 51T rear Sunstar sprocket was installed,..along with the cleaned brake disc with new composite gold brakepads. *[...
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Info: New decals give the recently cleaned plastics, a fresh look.
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Info: Ismo  "FLYING FINN" from Thunder Bay, On. Canada.
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Info: Suzuki RM-125, RM-250, and RMX-250 Exhaust Power Valve assembly schematic.  I thought that some of you might be able to use this diagram/info.  ***My 2000 RM-125,..Power valve adjustment:  1-turn cloc...
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Info: "FLYING FINN":  Thought I'd post a picture of my "1982 Suzuki RM-125",..I miss this bike..I bought it new in Feb.,1983..for $1799+tax can.$.  I sold it in the fall of 1998, due to ...
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