francispwiener's 2003 Yamaha Warrior
Info: This is my 2003 Yamaha Warrior 350 on the trail in Michigan near Cadillac. My Uncle built this out of a bunch of parts as this was half of a $600 deal for 2 Warriors with bad engines. I bought a motor...
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Info: The end of the ATV trail in Michigan near Moorestown. The Yamaha Warriors are great sand trail quads with plenty of power, a 6 speed tranny and a comfy seat. I have a motorcycle-type twist throttle on...
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Info: A place we call "the toilet bowl" on the trail near Carrieville, MI. My 350 Warrior has glass headlights and a custom front bumper.
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Info: My cousin Lisa's son just can't wait to be big enough to ride one!
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Info: Favorite parking spot near the Pine river.
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Info: Empty trails.
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Info: Lincoln bridge near Luther, MI over the Pine river.
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Info: The "old playground" as we called it. New pine trees have been planted.
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Purchased: Aug 2005
Sold: n/a
Information: Good all around ATV. Doesn''t bounce off of trees too well though.

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