frenzy's 2005 Kawasaki Z 1000
Info: First day of having a 2005 lime green Kawasaki Z1000. How big is that screen really? Mirrors are also an area that could be re-designed. Just got it back from Manchester after riding down trading my 1...
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Info: So impressed with the 'mighty Z1000'  that I had a photographer mate of mine follow me around for an hour. He suggested this venue and now I have the picture I can see why. The title is 'Urban Warrior...
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Info: One man and his Kawasaki Z1000 - awesome. Took me ages to finally get the cash for a decent bike and given the choice between the ZX10R, ZX6R and Z1000 - you can tell from the photograph which one I w...
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Info: Remember those standard 'huge' mirrors? Well I had to take them off, sorry Kawasaki. And my newly purchased screen (I had it made lower then the original Z1000 screen by 30mm) was now making the 'Z' l...
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Info: This angle shows the smaller (slightly) screen than standard and the new 'no huge mirrors' look. Shame the bar end mirrors aren't a wierd, angualr shape to match the rest of the bike but they very fun...
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Info: IF ONLY we could have plates like this eh?
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Info: 'Big Z' - thankfully Z1000's aren't very big at all - they are very compact. :)
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Info: How cool is this Motografix tank pad? :)
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Info: Green tank pad, gold bars ends and bar end mirrors - crash posts next and we're cooking.
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Info: A bit of a 'desktop' if you want to download it.
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Info: Finally fitted solo seat cowl and it makes a bigger difference than I thought it would.
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Info: Is there any beating the Z1000 at this angle? Nothing on the market does this view as good.
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Info: Awesome angle to view this bike from - it really is Kawasaki's biggest show piece in my opinion.
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Info: Now we're into 2007 I've added a belly pan and what a huge difference it makes to the bike. Makes it look harder and more sporty. :)
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Info: Powerbronze belly pan - side view. It really does emphasize the steep angle of the tail and exhausts. Makes the engine look huge!!!!
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Info: A big shout to Mark and Russ and everyone at the 2 Wheel Centre in Mansfield, Notts, UK for their help in the 'subtle' mods for this bike.
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Info: Photography by Malc Crooks - Art by Dan Whetton 'Frenzy' 2007
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Info: Urban 'Z' Bikes - Kawasaki Z1000
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Info: The helmet, jacket and bike are very well designed. It as if the same person did them all.
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Info: Out and about around Nottinghamshire, UK. NEW helmet looks cool.
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Info: Newly recoloured frame covers to black. Gives the Z a darker more serious edge.
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Info: Now with an alomost ALL black engine area the Z1000 looks even more of an animal.
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Info: After seeing other Z1000's on this site and making the odd tweaks to mine I'm finally 100% with the look of the bike. In fact it's made it very difficult to think what to have next. I'm in no rush and...
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Info: Bike looks good with new black frame covers and polished exhausts.
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