gammacrazy's 1988 Suzuki DR 750
Info: June 2006: first stop on french ground.
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Info: June 2006: an old left northern spanish village.
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Info: This picture was taken in June 2007 in southern Spain, near San Josť, mediterranian coast. It really never rains there during summer time, it is in fact the most dry region in europe!
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Purchased: Nov 2004
Sold: n/a
Information: Very good, original state. Color orange/white, frame in dark violet may be not the most beautiful, but at least ultra rare. Suzuki could not sell many DR-Bigs in the first year 1988, and not only the selected colors have been responsible for that. A single-cylindered bike of that size was new, and many people had doubts in the reliability of such a concept. But the bike has won several tests, and many drivers were (and still are) convinced. In June 2006 I made 5.500 kilometers in 3 weeks across France and Spain during a camping holiday. In 2007 I did it again, this time 7.000 kilometers. Today the counter shows 65.000 kilometers. The orange Dr Big is the second, my first one accompanied me for 12 years (1992-2004) across europe.

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