gentlemanrook's 1993 Yamaha XJ 600

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Purchased: Aug 1993
Sold: May 1996
Information: My first real street bike, I adored this little machine and rode the tee-total trash out of it. It was the first vehicle I ever bought brand new, so it was quite the experience for me. At it´s demise date I had equipped it with a Yoshimura Zyclone 4 into 1 pipe, Dynajet´s Stage 3 jet kit, a Corbin Gunfighter saddle, a full K&N air kit, and was steady wearing out Metzler ME Z1s and Z33s, slightly oversized in the back, and had raised the rear sprocket one tooth while dropping the front by one. Heady stuff at the time, I thought I was the be-all end-all. In retrospect, it might have been pushing all of 68 hp. With the optional Yamaha chin spoiler I was bad-on-a-stick. My first wife totaled it in a wreck one night in 1996. She, unfortunately, was fine. The bike, unfortunately, was destroyed.

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