globetrotter's 2008 Triumph Sprint ST
Info: This photo still makes me laugh. Unfortunately the water tank has been re-painted, sacrilege really. Some graffiti really is art.
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Info: The 2009 bushfires in Victoria were devastating. Generally the eucalyptus tree will recover from bushfire, but on that day the fires were that intense that many trees will not recover.
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Info: The observation tower at Mt Donna Buang.
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Info: Living in the Dandenong ranges, my son James and I ride mostly out to the east of Melbourne. James has cerebral palsey, so we repositioned the pillion footpegs to fit.
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Info: Motorbikes, great for father and son bonding. Well, thats what I keep telling my wife, and it is true.
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Info: We never ride past the bakery at Warburton without stopping. Got the vanilla slices, just waiting for the coffees.
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Info: Checking out the Puffin Billy at Gembrook.
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Info: Another coffee stop, this time at Gembrook.
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Info: The Sprint is a good bike, strong torquey engine, balanced handling and good brakes, but I did not fit it properly, knees rubbed on the fairing, sore bum after an hour riding, so it had to go. I went ...
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Info: Father and son having a coffee at Warburton Bakery.
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Info: Puffin Billy at Gembrook
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Info: Last photo before being traded.
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Purchased: Jun 2008
Sold: Jun 2011
Information: My wife vetoed my wish to buy a Moto Guzzi I had my eye on, so I bought this Triumph instead, when she wasn''t lookng. I did not paint the character on the water tank, but I think it captures her reaction spot on when she discovered the new bike 3 months later down in my shed. D''oh!

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