globetrotter's 2009 Moto Guzzi Sport 1200
Info: No doubt about what country I am in.
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Info: My 1st night on the road. I'm riding from Florida to California for the next 5 weeks, sleeping wherever I can find a quiet spot. Here I camped next to a sand quarry in Folkston Georgia on route 301.
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Info: My campsite was pretty close to the railway line. Judging by the number of trains throughout the night, I think the USA economy is well and truely on the mend. Lying in the tent in the dark, with the ...
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Info: There are plenty of roads to ride in the USA.
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Info: Compared to Australians, the Americans are a very patriotic people.
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Info: Can you imagine the pride and joy the original owner of this vehicle would have felt as they drove it out of the showroom. Now it is just a pile of old junk.
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Info: Christianity, USA style, is a most complete religion. It even offers sound advice on oral sex.
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Info: 2 proven performers, a Lockheed T33 and a Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport 2V in Alabama. The former retired, the latter just starting out on a new journey across America.
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Info: A Moto Guzzi and an old boat high and dry, a common combination around me.
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Info: Just what I was looking for, a cool little creek in Georgia, to have my 1st bath since leaving Melbourne a couple of days before. Even washed my socks and jocks.
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Info: No place better than a country church yard for a campsite. I got the Big Fella looking after me while I sleep.
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Info: I stopped at this road side market in Georgia on the off chance that a set of front forks for the Guzzi were laying about. Had everything else but.
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Info: Thanks Maccas for the wifi, and the Big Mac of course. Finished the meal with a punnet of strawberries. With a balanced diet like this, I will live forever.
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Info: Well thanks, welcome to you too Alabama.
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Info: A quiet and peaceful spot to pitch the tent.
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Info: Another top campsite is a picnic table at Little River Falls in Alabama. Whats next, a park bench?
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Info: You can tour on any old bike, even a Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport with a bent front fork.
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Info: Parked along side an old cotton crop in Alabama.
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Info: This is a pretty spick and span truck towing rig in Alabama. It is a family business been going for years. They started out building their own rigs, but now they buy them off the shelf. The owner told...
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Info: Check out this front yard in Alabama. Now that is what I call art. Is that an American version of Ned Kelly?
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Info: These 2 good old boys from Alabama were towing this old Ford truck home when their towing vehicle blew a head gasket. The truck has a 460 ci V8 mounted amidships, just to give more room in the cab the...
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Info: The ranger at the Davy Crockett park said "That will be $20 + tax for the campsite thanks". 
I said "I thought this was the land of the free".  
She said "Just pay the fee a...
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Info: Camped down by the river, just me and the spirit of Davy Crockett.
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Info: Another fine campsite in Tennessee. You can't beat these country churches for camping. This one has even got an outback dunny and running water.
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Purchased: Feb 2013
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Information: I bought this bike sight unseen before I arrived in the USA. Despite being assured the bike was in good condition, the left fork was bent. While riding across USA my left arm grew a couple of inches, so at the end of the trip the bike fitted me like a glove. On arrival in Seattle, I replaced the fork and now the bike is straight. Unfortunately, my left arm is still a bit gangly.

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