globetrotter's 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1400
Info: Australian outback, on my way from Melbourne to Darwin.
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Info: Friendly people at the petrol station in Maliana, Timor Leste.
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Info: The Balibo Flag House where the 5 Australian journalists were killed during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975.
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Info: This is the ferry I caught from Timor to Flores, a most beautiful island.
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Info: I didn't dilly dally while crossing the spillway at Fogg Dam, east of Darwin. The crocodile alert signs were very effective.
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Info: Parked outside a colourful church in Timor Leste. Moments later I was swamped by a horde of laughing children coming out of a nearby school. The Intruder was a jaw dropper for them, big bikes are few ...
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Info: Shade is a premium in outback Australia.
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Info: Somewhere in the middle of Flores, I bought a meal from the road side vendor pictured behind the Intruder. A couple of weeks before in Darwin, a bloke told me about the virtues of chili in the tropics...
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Info: Just west of Ende, on the south coast of Flores.
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Info: Sorry about the bike in shadow, but I had to photo this view. Flores is a most scenic island, I would like to return and take more time to fully appreciate this beautiful and friendly place.
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Info: Terraced rice paddies near the turnoff for the Kelimutu volcanic lakes in Flores.
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Info: Despite assurances from the locals, I was beginning to doubt that I was on the right road to Labuhanbajo.
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Info: After the Intruder negotiated this quagmire, I thought there was no going back. I may well have been on the road to Labuhanbajo, but I thought it must be the back road.
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Info: Taking a rest after dropping the Intruder several times on the back road to Labuhanbajo.
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Info: Taking refuge from a passing shower, I stopped for a meal of roasted corn on the cob at a road side vendor near Bima in Sumbawa.
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Info: I have fond memories of Sumbawa, the people were very friendly and helpful.
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Info: Young lads 'commandeer' the Intruder at a road side stall in Sumbawa.
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Info: Buying fresh fruit at a local market in Sumbawa. Grapes, plums and bananas, a great diet.
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Info: Sumbawa, beautiful one day, perfect the next.
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Info: I stopped for another meal from a road side food vendor, and to meet more friendly people in Lombok.
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Info: Black sands on the east coast of Bali.
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Info: I had to stop about an hour west of Denpasar. I had eaten some fruit salad on Kuta beach, a big mistake. There was a little stream running through the palm trees where I cleaned up, how lucky was that...
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Info: I loved the roadside food stalls right through Indonesia, nasi goreng being my favourite meal.
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Info: Parked outside my motel unit on the west coast of Bali. Shame about the tap in the bathroom, it broke in half, water went everywhere, sorry.
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Purchased: Aug 1999
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Information: My intention was to ride the Intruder to Europe and leave it there. Now, I''ve decided that it will return home to Australia. somehow, sometime, after I''ve toured Europe a bit more. I have this idea of converting it into a cafe racer. Yeah, crazy I know, but there you go.

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