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Member: goldenred
Name: Taki Goldenred
From: Beijing, Shanghai, China
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Homepage: http://spaces.msn.com/members/goldenred
Member Info: Riding in both Beijing and Shanghai, u can always contact my msn if ur interested in buying a bike. I also have a Motorcycle Team going on regular weekends tours if u wanna join.
1994 Suzuki GSX 400

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jul 2004
Info: this is my first 400cc bike, its quite good, the first bike that i was able to do my own paintjob and add my lil "Goldenred" logo on. im really satisfied wtih it but now i want a bigger racebike
1999 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2005
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: Its god CHROME wheels! The only R1 with chrome wheels in beijing! something was wrong wtih the radiator, it likes to overheat in the crowded Beijing traffic, sold
1998 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2005
Info: MY DREAM BIKE!! Finally bought it! its awsome! muahahahaha, i like it more than the R1 in all aspects other than ... looks... Oct2005. I only had it for a few month and it got stolen.... fuck....
2004 Zongshen ZS 125 GY

Photos: 1
Purchased: Dec 2004
Info: I wanna sell it for 2000... cuz i have my 9r i need money! For all ya people back at home.. 2000RMB= 250USD stuffs cheap in china Sept2005 sold it for 1200rmb... like 150dollars, kinda rgreat now
1998 Kawasaki ZXR 400

Photos: 1
Info: Fastest 400cc ive owned, went 220+ pretty awesome custom paintjob. would want to reown it if the kawasakis didnt make so much noise
1998 Honda CB1000 BIG ONE

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jun 2006
Info: Cleanest most comfortable bike ive ever had. The only thing i dont like about it is that when it rains the dirt gets all over the back seat and ofcoz, the stock limiter(too lazy to take off) Even with the limiter it goes 205km/h and it gets there really easily so i guess it should have some good potential if i get it delimited. Not as fast as a sport but enough for the crowded beijing traffic
1989 Suzuki GSX 250 Across

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jul 2001
Sold: Apr 2002
Info: My first big cc bike, not exactly big but...bigenough, i learned alot off this bike because it kept on breaking down. had to sell it cuz it ended up not starting, well i got it for 300bucks so what do u expect..
1990 Suzuki Ran 50

Photos: 2
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: Nov 2004
Info: jus smthn i made custom for my sister´s bday, they didnt like it, i sold it, i got it to make rainbow smoke so it wad definately a attarction on the road
1992 Honda CBR 250

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jul 2001
Info: something i bought, and broke down, ... cheap chinese rip off...
1991 Yamaha FZ 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2001
Sold: Jul 2001
Info: something i had for one day, traded it for my GSX 250 Across because it looked fugly, now iregret cuz it had a great engine, + its limited edition!! HAHAHAHA
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