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Member: gregmilne
Name: Greg Milne
From: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
1992 Kawasaki KDX 250

Photos: 7
Purchased: Sep 2005
Info: My current project, got it with siezed engine, barrel needs repaired, hope to fully restore it and use it for road/woods riding. *Finally got it running 295 later and its an absolute belter*
1989 Honda XL 600V Transalp

Photos: 3
1991 Honda H100

Photos: 1
Info: My first bike lol, very reliable, traily tyres home made front no. plate and front mudguard off a cr of some kind, kx60 side pannels painted red (hamerite lol)
1992 Honda CG 125

Photos: 0
Sold: Apr 2004
Info: Field bike, fitted a polisport front mudguard and polisport enduro headlight. No pics but it was a blue cg125 with polisport plastics
1991 Kawasaki KX 250

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jun 2003
Sold: Jul 2004
Info: lots of enduro stuff, polisport handguards, ufo headlight, lighting coil, 12oz stehly flywheel weight, mitaka racing clutch basket, pro sport neoprene gaitors, ufo rear fender bag, seat recovered.
1988 Kawasaki KMX 125

Photos: 1
Info: Originally black and red, reprayed in kawasaki green, new front mudguard, side pannels off a 2001 kmx, carbon effect bars, chrome speedo, ufo head light, ufo fender bag, acerbis rear light, rear shock was replaced, new seat cover, oil pump removed, full gianelli exhaust, gearing altered for the wheelies.
1993 Honda C 90

Photos: 0
Info: Field bike with Suzuki GP100 front forks, h100 carb, no flywheel cover
1985 Honda Z 50

Photos: 0
Info: This wee bike was an absoulute topper, home made seat, home made side pannels, brand new yellow tank (firemans helmet) cut down rear mudguard from a cr125. Bike turned out to be stolen and had to be returned to the owner :(
1975 Honda CB 250

Photos: 0
Info: another field bike with 1973 xl250 front forks and mudguards, a big heavy piece of shite, fitted a new iris chain, a clutch cover from a breakers, ran like a pig so we torched it.
1978 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 0
Info: Was my younger brothers, had it rebored, boyesen power reeds, pretty fast for its age but gearbox was humped.
1981 Honda ATC 70

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2004
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: swapped my xl125 for this cos the xl clutch was humped, this was another wee topper, fully resprayed plastics and fully powdercoated frame and silencer, iris chain and sprockets, pure minted but the pull start was missing
2004 X-Sport 110

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jul 2004
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: Not really a kawasaki, chevy trucks graphics, chunky tyres, ufo headlight, h/duty chain and smaller rear sprocket (50mph), billet fuel cap, scott grips, short clutch lever, pro sport neoprene gaitors.
1979 Honda C 90

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jul 2004
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: piece of sh*t. Field bike with H100 forks and tank.
1983 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 5
Purchased: Sep 2004
Sold: Jan 2005
Info: DT125 Powered buggy!! Originally an italjet dune buggy, I fitted a DT125LC engine to it, bucket seat (no seat cover lol) petrol tank was a 5litre gerry can, fresco exhaust modified to fit, roll bar, front and rear suspension, rev counter from the dt, front fog lamps, strengthend chassis and strengthend axel. Pretty fast and dangerous. Crashed it twice, one involving hitting a kerb and the other hi
1989 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 20
Purchased: Mar 2005
Sold: Mar 2006
Info: this bike likes to melt pistons, its been rebored with a new piston and a cdi off an 88 dt i think, fully working ypvs servo system fitted, small front indicators (huge rear ones) trimmed number plate, new front disc, new rear shock, everything els standard. 80mph
1980 Yamaha TY 80

Photos: 2
Purchased: Apr 2005
Sold: Sep 2005
Info: Wee trials bike, got it as p/x for my x sport, engine rattled a bit, fully resprayed and powdercoated frame, front mudguard was snapped tho
1978 Italjet JC5C

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2005
Info: Found it lying next to a skip. It has a 50cc tomos moped engine fitted. Madness!!!, fitted a c90 shock to jack up the rear suspension lol. plan is to fit a cg125 engine
1985 Honda ATC 250

Photos: 0
Info: (big red model) Got it for free in bad nick, got it running, tried to kill it but it wouldnt die. Tons of power from the 4 stroke engine, reverse gear was good, rear wheels wer space savers from a car, front end was from a honda motorcycle of some sort, tow bar fitted, suspension bushes wer non existent, tried running it into a tree, doughnuts, jamming the throttle wide open, setting it on fire
1985 Honda XL 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: May 2004
Info: Engine was out a 74 xl i think, seat from an 89 cr250, ufo fenders and headlight, full micron exhaust system.
1991 Kawasaki KDX 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 2005
Sold: Dec 2005
Info: sold it
1978 Yamaha TY 50

Photos: 0
Info: Was bored out to a 60cc, swaped my c90 for it and then swaped it for a model diesel plane engine (as yae do)
1984 Honda NH 125 lead

Photos: 0
Info: my first bike which was a scooter which i turned into some sort of off road contraption of a bike, capable of 74mph tho.
1988 Honda CB 350

Photos: 1
Purchased: Feb 2006
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: Field bike/piece of junk

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