grfireblade900rr's 1997 Honda CBR 900
Info: Looks better with white rims.
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Info: In the cockpit (pre-White Power steering damper)
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Info: Most gorgeous gas tank of any bike ever built, to this day.
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Info: My sweetie.
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Info: Bikes like to hang around together, especially when they're let loose near beaches.
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Info: The Fireblade's a rocket-limo.
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Info: On our way to find some twisties.
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Info: Xenon lights.
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Information: I''ve mainly kept this U.S. spec Fireblade stock. It''s rims have been painted white though, because the black ones are simply an eyesore. I''ve also put a racing front brake reservoir, White Power steering damper, xenon lights, and a rear fender. Other than that, meticulous detailing has been done (cooling fan indicator on triple clamp, nuts, bolts, etc.). We have it in the Athens Bike Show every year at the Patrol alarms kiosk. 18,000 clicks of burying the speedo and still scratch-free!

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