Ed McLaughlin's Member Page
Member: gsworship
Name: Ed McLaughlin
From: Alberta, Canada
1984 Suzuki GS 1150

Photos: 1
Info: All stock 1984 GS1150EF, the monster speed king. I love this bike.
1980 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 2
Info: 1980 GL1100, no fairing but added rack with removable backrest, also clip-on Krauser cases (ex-BMW). Replaced ape-hanger bars with flat bars and bar-end mirrors for comfortable riding position.
1984 Honda CB 650

Photos: 3
Info: 1984 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk. Great mid-size bike that I racked up loooots of miles on. Shaft drive and hydraulic lifters meant super-low maintenance, hassle free running. Great styling and exhaust note from the stock pipes as well.
1982 Honda CM 450

Photos: 0
Info: My first motorbike. Had the opportunity to ride it after about 3 months of riding my 2nd bike, the sportier CB650SC Nighthawk, and I was dismayed to find what a turtle it was; small, round and slow. I guess your first bike is always a rocketship, but not for long...

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