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Member: gsx1200sanyi
Name: Csabai Sa
From: Szombathely, Vas, Hungary
Gender: Male
Age: 39 years old
Riding For: 19 years
Member Info: I started riding motorbike with a cheap east-german bike called MZ ETZ-250 in 1997, which is in Eastern-Europe well-known. After 3 years riding experience I decided to buy a middle class japanese. I bought a Suzuki VX 800. It comes with 2 cilinders, 60 HP, shaft-drive. After having 3 happy years with VX800, I decided to step forward into 100 HP class. I bought the GSX1200 from same brand (Suzuki). It has the real big bike feeling. You can accelarate out anybody on the roads except Hayabusas. On curvy roads you can chase sport bikes also. After having 3 very happy years with GSX1200, I decided to step forward again. This was at he end of 2005. I was looking for a powerful inline 4 bike with fairing, and with usable touring-sporting sitting position. I found that the Kawa ZX-12R is made for me, so I bought one, and Iīm happy with it. It has so much power, that normal riding speed is around 200 km/h or above. This Kawa has infinite Power! This is were I am sticked now. Nowadays I am looking for a good sporty-touring bike with fairing and less weight, than the Kawa. In mountains I donīt need the 190Horsepower, but I need a more relaxed sitting position. The 12R is not so convenient as I thought.
2000 Suzuki GSX 1200

Photos: 12
Purchased: Feb 2003
Sold: Feb 2007
Info: It is a big fun to ride this powerful Suzuki. The GSX1200 looks good, and itīs easy to ride through any kind of curves. It accelerates in every gear very good, it can quickly reach a speed around 200 km/h, and the brakes are good enough to brake firmly from that speed. The handling helps you to go fast in and out of the corners. But you need a strong body, because the wind blows hard over 160 km/
1991 Suzuki VX 800

Photos: 9
Purchased: Dec 1999
Sold: Feb 2003
Info: The VX is a good V-Twin with enough power and beautiful Twin sound. It is perfect for touring across country. It is designed for calm people. If you want to ride fast in the corners and in the straights, choose another bike. Normal touring velocity with my VX was between 120-130 km/h. 150-160 also possible, but doesn''t feel right. It was a Real V-Twin with all advantages and disadvantages of the
2003 Kawasaki ZX-12R

Photos: 27
Purchased: Nov 2005
Sold: Oct 2007
Info: When someone sits on the ZX12R for the first time, he will immediately know, that this bike has maddening-power. The driver should be aware of that all the time. If you don''t use this Kawasaki on the limits, than you can control it easily. The bike accelerates also above 200 km/h breathtaking, and it feels like there would be no end of power. The bike is very quick in turns and in straights as w
1987 MZ ETZ 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 1997
Sold: Apr 2000
Info: This was my first bike, which is a very good beginner bike, and an MZ is much cheaper in Europe than a japanese bike. One cylinder, not much power, but usable power delivery. Good power at middle revs. The quality level of the bike is acceptable. I maintenanced the bike weekly to have it continously in a good condition. Normal riding speed was around 90 km/h. Maximum is near to 120 km/h, but if yo
1981 MZ TS 250/1

Photos: 4
2005 Kawasaki Z 750 S

Photos: 13
Purchased: Feb 2009
Sold: Jul 2011
Info: I had it for 1 and a half year. Very good bike. Very balaced. You have everything to ride a motorbike, nothing more and nothing less. Just perfect. Power and acceleration very good. Seat and riding position is quite convenient. No kilograms plus, good protection against wind, good suspension on hungarian bumpy roads. Little fuel consumption, under 6 litres. Good muffler sound, but not eye-cathing
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