gsxrdeano's 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Info: Hallam bros race engine,yoshimura computer and engine internals, 200 rear wheel horsepower,wilbers race suspension,brembro brake cylinders,blah,blah,blah
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Info: Dam it! im not allowed to ride it on the road. Yeah right i think thats a rule that needs to be bent a little.
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Info: Stripped naked ready for a bath.
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Info: Plated 10/2005. Suzuki Australia said its a 2006 model.

PTR Prepped Lightened Factory Suzuki

Andrew Hallam (Hallam Boys) prepped Australian Superbike spec.
Heavily ported head ...
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Info: Wilbers 643 PS competition with hydraulic preload
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Info: My bike at the WSBK Championships round 1 Phillip Island 2006 rider Troy Elliott. Bike was entered in the Australian Superbike support catagory. Race 1 finshed 11th ,Race 2 finished 12th, Race 3 DNF. ...
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Info: 2006 YMF Australian Superbike Championships Round 1 Eastern Creek rider Troy Elliott. Race 1 finished 10th, Race 2 DNF.
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Info: repainted frame and swing arm. Have started wiring and fitting road bike parts, chain guard, Standard rear brake resevoir, ignition switch, light switch gear, ect, ect.
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Info: Nice new fairings starting to go on. I dont kow what to do with the rims polish or paint?
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Info: Clear coating tank as we speak, Fit it and fire her up, off to PTR (Phil Tainton Racing) for Power Commander and Dyno.
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Info: Woodcraft Billet engine cover set fitted, Woodcraft Billet Chassis protectors.
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Info: Unfortunate turn of events at home has delayed the finish date. I wont be ready for moto GP :( But on the bright side this ones going to be in a few auusie bike magazines :)
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Info: I couldnt resist buying all this Bel Ray for 60% off!
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Info: Woodcraft covers and chassis protectors.
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Information: Race bike to Road bike this is gunna be fun! I want it to look stock with a little bit of Bling!

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