gsxrguymn's 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750

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Info: 600 motor, old forks (before the engine swap)
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Info: left (750 crashed, bought the whole thing for $1000.00) right my 600, about to loose its motor and front end
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Info: I took off the plastics, the rider set on the left side, the tank, and the we go, motor swap time!
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Info: theres me with the brains of the bike. The wiring from the 600, don't need that anymore!
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Info: there goes my 600 motor with 40,000 miles on it. There were some good times i'm going to miss those polished headers. they were pretty! but a 750 motor and $500 I guess i won't miss it t...
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Info: well, ready for the new motor, still have the old front end on there though...its just waiting for those inverted 750 forks
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Info: there goes the motor, carbs and wiring for the 750. Now to get the bitch into my 600 frame
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Info: 750 motors in the old frame, the new forks and part of the triple, I was hoping the old 600 clips would fit, but they didn't....AFTER HOURS OF WIRING, putting back together everything, the front end a...
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Info: 750 motor in, plastics back on, front inverted forks in and front end all together, BIG inspection, still 600 brakes and plastics, new pilot power tires, and its off to the track...

(its a sleeper,...
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Info: Minneapolis, MN winter riding
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Info: Its never too cold to ride -7 deg C
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Info: MN international Airport
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Info: Fire Station 11 Minneapolis, MN

They were kind enough for us to get an "IN STATION" photo
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