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Member: hase
Name: Hannu Seppanen
From: Helsinki, Finland
Member Info: Owner of Suzuki RM 250 -79 & -80 & RM 465 -81 My son have KTM sx 50 junior -00
1981 Suzuki RM 465

Photos: 4
Purchased: Mar 1999
Info: Front end replaced from newer Yamaha. Piston pin came out and make huge scrap in cylinder. The engine was bored 0.5 mm over size in 2006. Now the bike has good power and it just cut the 520 chain. With new piston the bike runs well. Unfortenately the pipe explose easily. It has been welded several times. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYY1NFSClYk
1980 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 5
Purchased: Feb 2003
Info: 3''rd gear missing. Engine is opened. Not in drive condition at the moment. Autumn 2010: bike is finally repaired. Motor taken from 1979 Suzuki
1979 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 1995
Info: Motor taken to RM 250 -80 (summer 2010). Just chassis with tyres. May be some day back to fucntion again...
1990 Yamaha PW 50

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2005
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: My kid first bike. Sold when KTM was purchased.
2001 KTM Jr Adventure

Photos: 3
Purchased: Sep 2006
Sold: Mar 2008
Info: Correct type: KTM 50 SX junior

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