hawksburner's 2003 Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird
Info: This bike was built in November of 2002.  It is everything they have said it is and so much more. The bike is extremely fast, very comfortable, dead smooth at any speed and a great way to meet cops I ...
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Information: Picked this one up in may of 2009. The bike had 14,299 miles on it and as you can see is in pristine condition. The bike even had the factory sticker on it when I got it. The Super Blackbird as they are known was named after the famed SR71, which was affectionately known to those who flew or worked on the plane as the Lady in Black. Interestingly, the Air Force officially called the color Indigo Blue. At 560 pounds wet she''s heavy but at speed you would never know it and this sweetheart will clear 130mph in third gear and within the first 1,320 feet. One thing is for certain, the XX has a special place in any motorcycle history lesson.

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