Lewis Hay's Member Page
Member: haysbikes
Name: Lewis Hay
From: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Homepage: http://www.myspace.co.uk/lewis_hay
Member Info: had far 2 many bikes already, most were nails but sum were proper nice - the CR and the NSR. well the RX is nrli ready 2 go, and soon i will be on the NSr, afta 5 months of waiting =D with a proper nice paintjob doen by my mate it looks miles better han its standard pink and black... ne 1 want an RX50?
1954 BSA Gold Star

Photos: 1
Info: after 17 years at the back of the shed it emerged in the same condition that it went in. clean out the fuel tank and carb and it started on the third bump! shame about the top box tho (it needs destroying)
1992 Honda NSR 125

Photos: 11
Purchased: Dec 2007
Info: my first bike that aint a crosser =) cant ride it properly till the end of may wen i''m 17 but i''ve tested it (on private land, officer) and its fast a fuk! cant wait =D
1999 Aprilia RX 50

Photos: 9
Info: its not a 1999, its a 2000 model. clicked the wrong thing when i made the page.
1986 Yamaha DT 50

Photos: 10
Purchased: Nov 2005
Sold: Feb 2006
Info: This was my first bike: A 1986 Yamaha DT50MX which was nicknamed DORIS! It was awful. It was in desperate need of a re-bore, it needed the forks rebuuilding, as the seals hadgone, and it had NO oil in them whatsoever, half the suspension travel was taken up under its own weight, then most of the rest when you sat on it. it bottommed out constantly up the track... if you could get it started!. It
1988 Suzuki DR 125

Photos: 11
Purchased: Feb 2006
Sold: Aug 2006
Info: This is my 1988 Suzuki DR125 SJ. When i got it, it looked nothing like this. how it looks now is the result of far too much money being spent on it! When i first bought it, it rattled like a pig - the result of it being run with no oil for a while... god only know why i still bought it. anyway, i rode it for a bit, completely standard, then, when i was out for a blast, it dropped a valve, causing
1985 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 7
Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: This is my 1985 Suzuki RM250. what was i thinking? why did i buy another Suzuki? I hate Suzuki''s! it was better than my DR, but not by much! it needed so much work doing toi it, i just couldnt afford to keep it, so i had to sell it after just 2 weeks. it was quite fast, i caned it up the road and it must have done about 80 - 85ish, but it didnt get there as fast as it should have, I have ridden a
1997 Honda CR 125

Photos: 48
Purchased: Oct 2006
Sold: Apr 2007
Info: this was definitely my best bike. it went like sh*t off a shiny shovel, and never broke down at all. it was my first proper motocrosser, as everything else was trail bikes. it looked a bit tatty when i bought it, but by the time i sold it, it was the tidyest, ''96 i haver ever seen. (it is a 96, but is under 97, they are identical but i didnt know until after i put it on...)
2000 Derbi Senda R 50

Photos: 5
Purchased: Mar 2007
Sold: Jun 2007
Info: fuk me this was dissappointing! i bought this cos i thought it would be fast, and indeed, most are, but this was just shit. when i bought it (another eBay "bargain") i was led to believe it was a perfect runner, but after driving 100 mile to collect it i found the owner had taken the bike to a garage cos it "wasnt running right" and they had taken the barrel off and told him i

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