hemitruckin's 1980 Yamaha IT 125
Info: They way we bought it... So far new OD cable, clutch cable, rear fender (DC plastics), clutch plates and springs, petcock filter, chain and sprockets. Hope to have it ready to ride for this spring.
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Info: The son getting rollin'
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Info: He rollin' after replacing mainshaft, all six gears, two shift forks, clutch, and the chain and sprockets. Not much for a trade that ONLY needed the carb rebuilt! Anyone want to sell me some swampland...
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Info: Cleaned up a little more, put handguards back on. Head light even works.
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Info: At a local vintage bike weekend. New sneaker up front.
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Information: New transmission. All six gears new, two new shift forks, new mainshaft, and the clutch, chain and sprockets also. Bought to replace my sons XR80

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