hemitruckin's 1980 Yamaha TTR 250
Info: This how I bought it.
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Info: New seat cover and side panels.
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Info: Another shot of first changes.
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Info: Front wheel and hub powder coated.
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Info: Another pic with tire mounted.
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Info: Rear tire and wheel new spokes also.
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Info: Shot with both front and rear mounted up.
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Info: In the sun and almost done.
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Info: Another shot.
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Info: Decals and canteen cap. Here goes the list of what I have done. I'm sure I'll miss some things. New side panels, rear fender, front fender, handle bars, grips, cross bar pad, brake shoes front and rea...
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Info: Ready for fun!
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Info: 1980 YAMAHA TT250G with period correct mods. Swingarm, pipe, shock, forks, airbox. Hope to bring it back to glory.
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Info: This is my third TT250. Picked up cheap. Have throw a set of IT175 forks and wheel. Does run needs work.
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Photos: 13
Purchased: Apr 2006
Sold: n/a
Information: 1980 TT250G. Had one in high school luved it. So I bought this one in OHIO off of eBay. Now its ready to ride.

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