Thumper's Member Page
Member: high-octane-rice
Name: Thumper
From: Florida, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 18 years
1974 Honda CR 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2006
Info: Purchased in boxes for $800. Assembled in approx. 1 year of spare time. Motor has less than 3 hours on it since rebuild. 125cc Air Cooled single with 6 speed transmission. CDI Ignition.
1982 Honda FT 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Dec 2008
Info: 1st street legal motorcycle. Traded a friend for a Casio Keyboard. Bought with 7500mi. June 09 has almost 11,000mi 300 of which were spent in the North Georgia Mountains. Modifications: Tank bag from Cycle Gear. Found windshield at garage sale. Bought for $2. Cut off broken legs and attatched with zip ties. Used for 2 months. Febuary - March.
1998 Suzuki GSX 750F

Photos: 2
Purchased: Apr 2009
Info: Bought from family in MA for $1400 with 5000mi. Brought back to Florida. Rebuilt and synced carbs.
1972 Honda CB 175

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2004
Sold: Dec 2008
Info: Bought for $200. Tank cleaned, elecrical system gone though. New battery. New Krylon Blue paint. Sold for $0 to friends. Shipped to Hawaii on December 11th 2008.
1985 Yamaha PW 80

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 2004
Sold: Jun 2007
Info: Bought for $200 dollars from a garage sale with blown motor. Used as playbike.
1970 Honda CT 70

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2004
Sold: Aug 2006
Info: Bought for $800 as another playbike. Rare H model with 4 speed transmission. Sold two years later.

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