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Name: kev
From: Portland, Forest Grove, Or, or, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 36 years
1998 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 3
Info: One of the cleanest and most reliable bike I''ve had to date. It does it all with a touch of class. I no longer have this bike. I sold it to a local Fireman.
1991 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 1
Info: 1991 CBR 600 F2 with a mix of some F3 bits mixed in, like the fairing, forks and rear wheel. The F3 wheel is a little wider than the F2 allowing a 170 rear. It only gets used for a few track days a year. Portland International Raceway is only about 30 mins away. The only bad thing about this bike is the spark plugs foul very easy because it sits so much with little use and they are hard to get
1986 Honda CR 500

Photos: 1
Info: I never listen and always do things the hard way. I should have said Uncle to this one and never got it like everyone said. It is a 1986 model and still kicks like an angry mule (if you can get it started!). Christians should stay away from these things. In my opinion, they aren''t the great woods bike some will lead you to believe. I actually don''t know what they are good for outside of scarin
1985 Honda XR 350

Photos: 1
Info: She''s an old soft dog, but still loads of fun and looks like a dirt bike should. Some say the 1985 XR 350 is as good as the newer XR 400, except for the suspenstion. I don''t know, but the stock output for both is about the same. 30ish HP. I sold the 350 which almost covered the price of a used XR 400. Powerwise they are very close but the suspension on the 350 was horrible compared to the 400,
2000 Honda XR 400

Photos: 3
Info: 1999 XR 400. It is a good solid bike. This one has a oversized fuel tank and aftermarket exhaust. It isn''t a competition bike like modern 450s but ridden within it''s limitations it is still fun and you can just enjoy a good ride. A bike you can control instead of the other way around.
1992 Honda VFR 750

Photos: 4
Info: In this photo I just finished a 100 mile ride. The bike was just bought the day before. It appears to have CBR 600F4 forks but I am not positive. It has a Fox shock, Corbin seat and Yoshimura slipon exhaust pipe. The bike was purchased as is. It is a 1992 with 1994 front fairings. I have owned other Honda V4s and while this one is not the prettiest, it is a surprisingly strong runner. I will do my
1985 Honda VF 1000 (Interceptor)

Photos: 1
Info: I don''t have this 1985 VF1000F anymore. In 1985 I was about twenty and this 1000cc V-four was one of the most expensive and powerful bikes of the time so I couldn''t afford one. In 1998 or 99 I found this very clean example for sale in Santa Cruz California, for under $2000. Since I was 17 I''ve own almost 20 different bikes. Very few have anywhere near as much soul or character as this one. Most o
1991 Kawasaki KLR 650

Photos: 1
Info: Another fun bike that was totally enjoyable and very reliable. Many people in my area didn''t understand this bike when I sold it in 2003. Now that it''s gone I have 4 friends that have bought KLRs. I am looking foward to the 2008 model. I may even buy one when they come out (All west coast dealers were sold out of 2008s when I was ready to buy).
1993 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 6
Info: The funny thing is I don''t consider myself a Honda man. It just worked out that way. This is the 1993 model I had first. It caught on fire once while I was riding on the freeway and has also tried to kill me in a few other interesting ways! It got into a nasty front end wobble going into Turn #1 at Portland International Raceway. Just the one time. If I ever had the chance to buy her back, I pr
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