hotlead's 1983 Yamaha YZ 125
Info: First year with the power valve....wicked fast even with the stock pipe!
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Info: Moose aluminum rear sprocket, big maxxis mud tire, DG race pipe,silencer, current bore .50mm over single ring piston, stock chassis and plastic, except for front number plate witch i am currently look...
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Info: this is  pretty much how i will leave it...going to .75mm oversize soon. its on youtube(gordieg74)
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Information: I made a mistake its a richter privateer silencer not a DG. i took off the over-sized back tire and went back to the stock tire people say the big tire will rob power,i cant tell the difference but i do agree and try to get as much power as i can from this small engine...if only they made a 175cc for this bike it would fit me much better. I like a 250 also but i find a 125 much easier to turn fast laps on.

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