installman489's 1987 Honda CBR 600
Info: Ol' Bessie.  Bringing her back from the other side.  Bought for @ $500.  She didn't run.  So far has, newer carbs, new sprocket, new rear tire, new rear brake master cylinder & calipers, new foam air ...
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Info: She runs good now, but still can't throttle wheelie.
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Info: F1s pipe and Bridgestone BT-35.  I never thought I'd be able to find a decent 140/70/17.
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Info: box o old parts
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Sold: Mar 2003
Information: The old bird was good, but too hard to find plastics. It was a good learner on how to take a bike apart and get it back to running. People that knew the guy that had the bike before he wrecked it said it didn´t used to haul ass like it did when I got a hold of it. SWEET!

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