jegrmajstr's 1998 Gilera Runner 50

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Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: Jan 2007
Information: This little gem was 50cc all-stock when I bought it, but in the summer of 2006 it went through a major makeover: Body: a custom painjob with Alien vs. Predator themed paintbrush art, aluminium foot-rests and a raised rear end; Engine: no longer a stock 50cc, but quite a little rocket producing around 12bhp (stock engine: 3bhp) and capable of speeds in excess of 75mph complete engine setup: -Malossi MHR Replica cylinder- -RMS Racing crankshaft- -Dell''Orto PHBG 19 carb- -Malossi Multivar 2000 variomatic- -HM Racing exhaust (copy of a Polini 4-Race with slight modifications)- -Malossi e13 airfilter- -Polini EVO reedvalve- -Malossi gears 40/13- -Malossi Kevlar Belt- -other parts were stock with some modicifations The bike was a gem to ride, but because it guzzled fuel like a SS bike and had a few breakdowns I sold it. Also it was time to move on bigger motorcycles. I still miss it, we spent a lot of great times together, but it gave quite some gray hairs too. I only hope that the new owner haven''t wrecked her.

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